The Epitaph

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The Epitaph

Post by NoirsFunèbres on Thu Aug 20, 2015 1:08 pm

Name: Molière de Mortimer Angelié III or Mortimer Angelié IV

Gender: Cis male

Age: 28; born on April 24th, 1857

Nationality: Mortimer is of French/Argentinian descent, but leads a decidedly English life.

Race: Human

Orientation: Homosexual Panromantic with a preference for solitude, Asexual necrophiliac.

Faith: Roman Catholic

Height:  6’3”

Appearance: Mortimer is quite tall with a likeness to a railroad spike. His brow is aquiline and stern, and his lips are scarce to be seen with a smile. He has dark skin, near black eyes that just scarcely point at the corners, and jet hair that is proudly and perfectly kept. He slicks it back at all times.

Mortimer always dresses in his funeral best; it is remarkably rare to see him out of a suit and tie as not only does he hate to be seen separated from his professional image, but he also dislikes showing any skin. Due to an incident in his teenage years, a prominent burn adorns his chest; other than that and a liberal scattering of moles, the canvas is unmarked.

Tattoos and Piercings: Absolutely not.

Personality: Mortimer is silent at best, and severe at worst. He has a profound fascination with death that can often put any potential friends (or lovers) off, and it is a mystery whether or not he knows that he does it at all. Generally, he is a mysterious young man who will not reveal anything about himself but his interests and other fairly clinical small talk.

While he is awkward at times, Mortimer is still very polite and perceptive to social cues. He flawless student, with a love of knowledge of all sorts and will not hesitate to ask questions unless the situation is completely inappropriate.

He remains incredibly patient and calm, even when those around him are not patient with him.

As for his habit and work, Mortimer has always spoken to the corpses which he treats, seeing them as they were in life and treating them with that same gentleness. He was possessed by no demon but profound sensitivity and kinship for these humans since passed. He believes that there is a bit of the soul, an imprint left behind when one passes away, and is attracted and engrossed with it. The corpses became his kin in those developmental years, as they neither mocked nor ridiculed him. He took the best from the worst situations.


Mortimer attended St. Thaddeus' by recommendation of his eccentric father, currently residing in London. Mortimer intends to inherit the family funeral parlour, continue his line as per tradition, and go along his seperate way. While he is remarkably knowledgeable about undertaking and the sciences, he was completely home schooled and to attend a private university is a large, but expected, step for Mortimer. He intends to persist no matter what gets in his way if it means continuing the legacy of the noble Angelié. But what, if the reputation of the once distinguished family has been sullied by a mother gone mad?

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