The Iron Maiden

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The Iron Maiden

Post by SteelChime on Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:46 am

Name:  Natalie Milyutin And  Zeng no Tzuri (Often simply pronounced Tsurino Zeng)

Gender: Cis-Female

Age: 24; born on February 19th, 1861

Nationality: Russo-Chinese

Race: Human

Heterosexual, Aromantic

Faith: Raised Confucian, she now has an interest in Deism.

Height:  5'7

Appearance: Tsurino has a rare genetic birth (defect as she refers it) appearance of albinism, leaving her hair a near white hair color and her eyes a bright technicolor of blue and green. This being her most notable traits it is not lost on her natural beauty. Her high cheeks bones are not lost to the angular face, her features contain a rare and coupled mix of her Asian and Russian heritages, leaving the almond shaped eyes but a slightly raised nose sometimes making her seem shocking to those who have only heard stories or seen gross misinterpretations of those who live down the Silk Road in rough photographs and cartoonish artistic renderings. Tsurino keeps herself as pristine and clean as one can allow unless she resides in  privacy where she will care little about the state of her hair. Without makeup applied daily her eyelashes and eyebrows are a matching white color and she finds that to most these features of her albinism are off-putting.

Though Tsurino is quite tall for her family, in comparison to her Russian family and Europeans in general she is quite short, her skin is a light pigmented white, seeming like porcelain and often giving her a much more fragile appearance than reality. Still her doll like stature does little to hide her masculine features which she tries to extenuate to an almost futile degree during her time. Naturally she binds her breasts down through the use of white stripes of cotton for more comfort and utility than appearance as the western woman's brazier seemed some kind of awful caging trap meant to cause women nothing but pain and cumbersome mobility. Often she will chose more men's attire, form and fitted to her body than women's which are constricting in ever sense of the word. Still for the sake of diplomacy she will wear them from time to time when the need arises though she would much prefer her traditional Chinese clothing of Hanfu or the newly created Cheongsam to any western clothes.

Tattoos and Piercings: Tsurino's ears are pierced.

Personality: Tsurino is a professional in most senses of the word. She puts incredible amounts of stock and effort into her own medical and physical prowess's to believe for a moment that she is lesser than completely equal to western men, she had to be even in her own home country to be a woman in her line of work one had to be strong, one had to be a force to be reckoned with, a rock like her namesake and she does so splendidly to a terrifying degree. Friendship seems a difficult thing for her, blunt, headstrong and cold she lives up to the title haphazardly given to her by people she assumed meant were trying to hurt her feelings: The Iron Maiden. She will adhere to the formalities of speech and the bare minimum for many others she simply deems stupid or cumbersome (knocking, for example). Still she is not withing sympathy and if there is anything she takes more seriously than any diplomatic or political reason she is there it is medicine. Tsurino's first and foremost reason for being at St.Thaddeus is to heal the sick and she will do that, her drive is to be the best but the healing of others is her complete priority. Because of this she will usually ignore many of the petty rules dictated upon her by the higher class and often helps those she sees in the street whether they ask for the help or not, whether she actually likes them or not.
Tsurino was raised in a torn household, raised one way with her own stubborn attitudes then tried to be shoved into a mold that didn't quite fit her, by no means has she ever come across as a warm individual to anyone and lacks the more womanly caring attributes, children make her uncomfortable as she cannot be as straightforward or blunt with them, though to her colleagues she remains that stony veil who knows what is asked from her morally, culturally, physically and it appeared she only picks and chooses what it is she will actually do. This along with her appearance easily separate her from the camaraderie and leaves her mostly to live in isolation which seems to be just fine with her. Though she is not above throwing her fellow students and bone once and awhile, personal relationships have always been a difficult thing for the young woman to maintain. Should one manage to find a way into her small circle of people she may say she trusts, they will find themselves a very powerful alley. Beside her methodical urge to heal people Tsurino is a devoutly loyal person to those who earn it. It is this loyalty that is her most valuable item she could possibly give people, because it is then they can see that this iron veiled woman is strong, remarkably loving though she has difficultly showing, and a genuinely good heart who cares for all people regardless of class, age or race, it is often though this heart is never shown, locked away from the world and wrapped in iron to strengthen it, to make it look cold and still.

History: Tsurino is a unique beauty that is much of the reason she was given the chances she was given. Child to the powerful diplomatic and military family in the Gin Dynasty in the Hunan providence, she was raised an illegitimate child from a Russian Military general during a skirmish for land and power by the Chinese federation. Due to her unique appearance at birth and a furthering defect that actually made her mother fearful of her, white is the symbol of death and she believed Tsurino to be a curse from the illegitimacy of her birth, this kept her at home, often isolated to be taught at home with the Tudors who taught her cousins and half brothers military tactics, politics, English and one she took to the most easily : Medicine. This was something she devoted herself to in her spare time, acupuncture, herbal remedies and any manner of Chinese and Japanese medical practices were something she wanted to learn, she wanted to know if she herself could be cured of these birth defects she suffered from, or a way to ensure no one had to suffer the way she had. If she was a curse as her mother and many others whispered about then she would take that curse and in spite of the very gods do something good with her life, repent for whatever evil she might have done in her past lives to bring her to this level, she will jump through their hoops and come out victorious. That victory lied in medicine and the only way she could be the best was to master Western Medicine as well as Eastern. Her Chinese family agreed, believing this to me a perfect moment to use their growing young woman as an offering of peace to their new and much more powerful Russian neighbors who had just become a very powerful ally and peace resided between the two countries. Her Russian family, quickly horrified of hearing the news, but politically pressured into accepting the gracious peace offering of their own daughter -took her in with the admissions that she would become a doctor. It was here she received her Russian name, and baptized her under the Russian Orthodox church violently against Tsurino's will (She has a severe fear of drowning).  From then she was perfected, polished into the woman, the beacon and embodiment of the Russo-Chinese alliance. Taught Russian and French, their histories and any manners and etiquette asked of her for the higher class. Tsurino came to St.Thaddeus to realize this dream, knowing that many western powers were looking to her in skepticism expecting her to fail.

Extra information: Along with her albinism it is truly the least of her issues, one of the most prominent reasons her mother was fearful of her comes from a neural disease known as HSAN Type 2 (Hereditary Sensory Automatic Neuropathy Type 2) Though NOT known within this time frame and is seen as is simply another one of her odd birth defects. Tsurino lacks the ability to feel most pain, or temperatures in her body and extremities, as a child this made her unintentionally harm herself and sometimes as an adult this will still happen. She will not notice when her body has suffered an injury even if it is very substantial posing a serious threat if she is not completely aware of her body at all times. </center>

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