So Guess what I found in the History books.

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So Guess what I found in the History books.

Post by SteelChime on Sat Aug 22, 2015 12:31 pm

So I found while just looking around if Tsurino would ever be someone who has witnessed the after effects of cannibalism. You know it's china in the 1800's century it was a pretty rough time. But i was NOT EXPECTING THIS!

Apparently not even THREE YEARS prior to our AU's timeframe China suffered from the most crippling famine in the history of the WORLD. So much so that cannibalism wasn't just known about it was seen often and human flesh was sold in some markets!

Richard became aware that drought conditions were even worse in neighboring Shanxi province, which at that time was virtually unknown to foreigners. In early 1878, Richard journeyed to Shanxi. His "famine diary" described conditions. "That people pull down their houses, sell their wives and daughters, eat roots and carrion, clay and leaves is news which nobody wonders at...The sight of men and women lying helpless on the roadside, or if dead, torn by hungry dogs and magpies [and] of children being boiled and eaten up is so fearful as to make one shudder.

Apparently many Christian missionaries saw the same.

English missionary Timothy Richard remarked in May 1878:

The eating of human flesh is a regular thing, and if the people were really dead before, there is little said about it, but if killed then litigations arise . . . About one fifth only of the children in some places are said to be left, the rest have perished by hunger, disease or— what shall I call it? The butcher’s hand! Whole villages are said to have disappeared. [The Great Famine, 66]

In some areas, local merchants openly sold human flesh at the market; in others, horrific stories circulated of parents killing and eating their own children.

If you guys want to look into more info on it I have the wiki page and another page

Wiki page

Famine page with missionary accounts

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